Our Company

Company History:

Since 2006 the company evolved from a freelance graphics design and hardware maintenance consultancy to become a service and research-oriented technology firm. Having acquired a reputation for quality work from past contractors and with changes in the local IT landscape, the company was incorporated in 2011 under the Corporate and Allied Matters Act of 1990 thus positioning itself to meet the challenges of delivering innovative IT services.

Vision Statement:

To consistently take the lead in pioneering services and products that leverage on viable technologies with the purpose of bridging quality gap, infusing reliability and profitability in our marketplace.

Mission Statement:

Through qualitative analysis and research of our marketplace needs and strict adherence to best practices we work to set new standards in quality service delivery. Our partnership with foreign and local vendors also ensures that our solutions leverage the best infrastructure available to your organisation’s needs.

Company Philosophy:

Everything about our company can be summed up in four simple statements:

  • We apply global standards
  • We build to last
  • We leverage quality infrastructure
  • We support like no other


Blu-Krystal Technology is founded and managed by technologists who are enthusiastic about their work and are willing and able to birth game-changing innovation in the technology service delivery landscape.

They have been regarded as highly competent to past contractors and employers because of a track record of consistent delivery and impeccable handling of projects.

The company is made up of a board of 3 Directors and 2 Admin Management personnel.