Enterprise Resource Planning Systems & Web Solutions

Being an indispensable infrastructure to modern day business,(without stating the obvious) the Web has entrenched itself as a platform that businesses and organisations must take advantage of to assert their relevance within their marketplace.

At Blu-Krystal Technology we offer solutions that our clients need to maximise the Internet in accordance with their business goals, bottom lines and budget.

We provide solutions in:

  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP's)
  • Intranet & Cloud Computing
  • Web Design & Development


We deploy ecommerce solutions and software specific to client needs. This enables them leverage the growing eCommerce space in Nigeria and profit from the momentum it is currently gaining besides the obvious benefit of opening them up to a wider market.

We also advise clients on thier strategy from entering the market to growth and also marketing strategies to gain added visibility for thier online store.

We aslo perform data migration across trusted platforms, response-time optimisation, search engine optimization (SEO) and bespoke interface enhancements on many ecommerce applications.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP's)

We deploy ERP's to address needs in the following domains;

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Online Recruitment
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Payroll Management and Integration System
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management Systems

Intranet & Cloud Computing

Intranets give organisations a comparative productivity boost as it unifies daily business activities with technology that infuses efficiency. This approach also helps organisations meet certian regulatory mandates as it pertains to audit trails, documentation and system logs.

Leveraging the power of the cloud, intranets can easily become robust high-availability platforms accessible 24 - 7 anywhere in the world.

Enterprise-grade access permission-levels and features such as in-house instant messaging, document sharing, bulletin boards etc are just a few of the possibilities available to companies who want to leverage Intranets to boost thier own productivity.

Web Design & Development

We favour a bespoke apporach to web design and development. Our approach has seen past clientele use and administer thier portals with near zero fuss.

Our vast experience has also enabled us acquire a powerful toolkit to tackle almost any project that comes our way.

Indeed our approach has made it possible for us to create lean, fat-free web portals with optimal load and response times that impress our clients. Our designs have also endured even as design trends continue to see rapid changes simply because we adapt almost as quickly as trends take hold in the web sphere.

At Blu-Krystal Tech we say organisations must own thier IT.

It was never meant to be the other way around.