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We apply GLOBAL standards

Our strict adherence to global standards ensures that your solutions remain relevant by any standard of measure.

We BUILD for lasting quality

Our ability to seek out and seamlessly unify the best tools available guarantees our work endures.

We leverage QUALITY infrastructure

It is in our corporate culture to ensure that your solutions rest upon solid foundations.

We SUPPORT like no other

Support and capacity building is part of the whole package.


With an eye on client satisfaction and our keen ability to identify their requirements, we offer services in the following domains.

ERP's & Web

At Blu-Krystal Technology we offer solutions that our clients need to maximise the Internet in accordance with their business goals, bottom lines and budget.


By proffering cost-effective solutions (provided by trusted brands) to prospective clients, we aim to bridge the quality gap to SMB's/SME's and corporations needing our services.